Globalwatch/Fire Station Earth 

Douglas Ling  
Program Director 
Marc Blumenthal 
Program Advisor 
Novations, Inc.  

97 Wellesley Avenue 
MA 02482 

Tel  +1-617-504-8882 
fax +1-781-795-0156 

United Nations 
Global Programme


To promote public understanding of environmental problems and natural disasters through data monitoring and visualization, and to disseminate the value-added data, as well as information about the best practices which offer potential solutions to those problems. 


  • To promote the public understanding of natural disasters and environmental problems through visualization of real-time monitoring and historical data.
  • To add value to existing and under utilized global, regional and local environmental data resources through the development of networks and Internet/WorldWideWeb tools which can integrate and manipulate multiple data sets.


  • To develop, utilize, and demonstrate user-freindly, graphical interfaces that allow visualization of data in a way that is understandable by the population at large 
  • To identify and disseminate information about the best practices which provide appropriate solutions to environmental problems and natural disaster mitigation. 


Globalwatch/Fire Station Earth operates under the aegis of The Learning Guild, a Massachusetts registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.